About Us

At Technology4Business our aim is to make great software solutions available to all audit, compliance, risk and review functions across your business. Technology4Business provides free, friendly and impartial advice. We have partnered with world respected software providers, to offer you a range of technology solutions. Whether you are looking for low cost, entry-level software, fully integrated software solutions, or software that can be used effectively right across your organisation we have the right system for you.

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At Technology4Business we have over 50 years of collective experience of using and deploying audit and data analytics software solutions, enabling organisations to manage their risks and remedial issues in an efficient and effective way.

We recognise that there are some great software solutions available, but that these solutions can be seen as expensive or overly complex. Similarly, we know that many solutions are heavily focused towards the traditional assurance functions – Internal Audit or Risk – leaving the wider organisation feeling that the software provides them with little value.

Why Technology4Business?

Technology4Business is a trusted authority in world-leading software solutions primarily focused on the risk, assurance and internal audit processes.

  1. Our advice is free, impartial and honest.
  2. We have a working understanding of many of the audit, risk, compliance and data analytics software solutions available today.
  3. We want you to select software to meet your needs and your budget.
  4. As direct resellers for both Action Tracker and Arbutus Software, if either solution is an option you would like to consider we are qualified to demonstrate, implement and provide on-going support.